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5 Questions for Fred Zaspel on The Theology of B. B. Warfield

The Theology of B. B. Warfield: A Systematic SummaryJustin Taylor interviewed Fred Zaspel about his new book, The Theology of B. B. Warfield: A Systematic Summary.

Here’s what he asked him:

  1. How would you rank Warfield among the theological giants of church history?
  2. I suspect that a number of readers who know of Warfield will know almost nothing about Warfield the person. Can you get us a little insight into Warfield the man?
  3. If you could sum up the essence, the heartbeat, of Warfield’s theology, how would you define it?
  4. Was there anything that surprised you in working through all of Warfield’s materials?
  5. For those who want to read Warfield, what are some works to begin with?

Read the interview.