Year Date Event
1851 11/5/1851 Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield was born at “Grasmere,” near Lexington, Kentucky as the firstborn son to William and Mary Cabell (Breckinridge) Warfield.
1852 4/7/1852 Annie Pierce Kinkead, Warfield’s wife, was born in Lexington, Kentucky.
1868 Warfield entered the sophomore class of the College of New Jersey at Princeton in the autumn.
1869 Warfield won the Thompson prize for the highest rank in the junior year, and prizes for essay and debate in the American Whig Society, and was one of the editors of the Nassau Literary Magazine.
1871 Warfield graduated with the highest honors from Princeton College, at 19.
1871 Warfield spent two years in foreign travel and in literary work.
1872 Warfield sailed to Europe in February and spent time in Edinburgh and Heidelberg, where in midsummer he announced his decision to enter the Christian ministry.
1873 September Warfield entered Princeton Seminary / “Theological Seminary of the Presbyterian Church at Princeton.”
1875 Warfield was licensed to preach by the Presbytery of Ebenezer (Kentucky).
1875 Warfield was state supply of Concord Church, Kentucky.
1876 May Warfield graduated from Princeton Seminary.
1876 Warfield preached in Presbyterian churches in Concord, Kentucky and Dayton, Ohio as a “supply pastor.”
1876 summer Warfield was called by First Presbyterian Church in Dayton, Ohio to be their ordained minister (which he politely refused).
1876 8/3/1876 Warfield married Annie Pierce Kinkead.
1876 Warfield and his new wife moved to Germany where he studied under Christoph Ernst Luthardt and Franz Delitzsch at the University of Leipsic.
1876 Annie Pierce Kinkead, Warfield’s wife, suffers damage to her nervous system from a servere thunderstorm in the Harz mountains in Leipzig, Germany and has health problems until her death.
1877 late summer Warfield was the assistant pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Baltimore, Maryland for about a year / a short time.
1877 Warfield was offered an appointment in the Old Testament Department at the Western Theological Seminary.
1878 September Warfield was appointed Instructor in New Testament Language and Literature at Western Theological Seminary, Allegheny, Pa., which is now called Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.
1879 4/26/1879 Warfield was ordained an evangelist by the Presbytery of Ebenezer.
1879 Warfield was installed as Professor of New Testament Exegesis and Literature, in Western Theological Seminary.
1880 Warfield received the degree of D.D. from Princeton College / “Doctor of Divinity was conferred upon him by the College of New Jersey.”
1880 Warfield’s first article appeared in The Presbyterian Review.
1881 Warfield wrote a joint article with A. A. Hodge on the inspiration of the Bible.
1884 Warfield and his wife travel to Belfast to attend the Pan Presbyterian Council.
1886 Warfield’s work An Introduction to the Textual Criticism of the New Testament was published.
1886 Archibald Alexander Hodge died in the autumn.
1887 Warfield was appointed to the Charles Hodge Chair at Princeton Theological Seminary as principal and Charles Hodge Professor of Didactic and Polemic Theology, where he succeeded Hodge’s son A. A. Hodge—a position he held until 1902.
1888 Warfield’s inaugural address, The Idea of Systematic Theology Considered as a Science, is published.
1889 Warfield succeeded Dr. Francis L. Patton on the editorial staff of The Presbyterian Review.
1890 Warfield planned and became the chief editor of The Presbyterian and Reformed Review, the successor to The Presbyterian Review, and continued to edit it until 1903, when it was succeeded in its turn by The Princeton Theological Review.
1890 Warfield’s work On the Revision of the Confession of Faith was published.
1892 Warfield received the degree of LL.D. / Doctor of Laws from Davidson College and Princeton College.
1893 Warfield’s work The Gospel of the Incarnation was published.
1897 Warfield’s work Two Studies in the History of Doctrine was published.
1897 Warfield’s work The Right of Systematic Theology was published.
1898 Warfield’s work The Significance of the Westminster Standards as a Creed was published.
1902 Warfield’s work The Acts and Pastoral Epistles was published.
1903 Several of Warfield’s sermons were published in The Power of God unto Salvation.
1907 Warfield’s work The Lord of Glory: Study of the Designations of our Lord in the N. T., with Especial References to His Deity was published.
1909 Warfield’s work Calvin as a Theologian and Calvinism Today was published.
1910 Warfield’s work Hymns and Religious Verses was published.
1911 Warfield received the degree of Litt.D. / Doctor of Letters from Lafayette College.
1911 Warfield wrote The Religious Life of Theological Students.
1913 Warfield received the degree of S. T. D. / Sacrae Theologiae Doctor from the University of Utrecht, Holland.
1914 Warfield’s work The Saviour of the World was published.
1915 11/19/1915 Warfield wife, Annie Pierce Kinkead, died.
1915 Warfield’s work The Plan of Salvation was published.
1915 Warfield wrote an article entitled Calvin’s Doctrine of Creation.
1916 Warfield’s work Faith and Life was published.
1917 Warfield was the lecturer on the Smith Foundation at the Columbia, S. C., Theological Seminary.
1918 Warfield’s work Counterfeit Miracles was published.
1918 Warfield was the lecturer on the Smith Foundation at the Columbia, S. C., Theological Seminary.
1920 Warfield was taken suddenly ill on Christmas Eve. His condition was serious for a time; but it improved very greatly.
1921 2/16/1921 Warfield died in Princeton, New Jersey. After being serious ill since December 24, the finally felt able to resume his teaching in part and met one of his classes in the afternoon. He apparently suffered no immediate ill effects from the exertion but died that evening at about 10 o’clock of an acute attack of angina pectoris.
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